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February 15, 2010


Are you looking to cash in on the Iphone hysteria but don’t know how to make your own apps? Guess what, you don’t need to know how to make apps to profit from them.

I don’t have any idea how to develop an app and I don’t need to nor will you.

All you need is an app idea that you can research yourself. Not only is it easy to find good app ideas, its even easier to find a good app developer.

Think its to expensive to have an app developed for you? You can have a quality app made for less than $200.

In fact several apps  have been made for around $100 each and have become top sellers in the itunes store.

Having an App developed for you and selling it via itunes has the following benefits:

– Creates passive income for the rest of your life

– With a good idea your app can generate $10,000’s a month

– You can become a millionaire from apps in less than a year

– You can roll over some of your profits into making new apps

– You have the impressive “brag” factor to friends and co-workers

Why not take a shot at a possible once in a lifetime opportunity to make some easy money in a market that is growing crazy fast.

You may be able to quit your job after having your first app going live so why not take your shot.

In this ebook you will learn the following app secrets:

– How to come up with money making app ideas

– Where to find a app developer

– How to select a great app developer

– How to get your app made cheap

– How to get your app into the Itunes store

– How to promote your app

– How to make tons of money from your app

Why not take advantage of this opportunity today, it could change your life forever.

Listen to what customers are saying about the cell app income ebook:


Hi Doug
After seeing many people making thousands from iPhone apps, I finally thought to jump in but had no idea what to do as I’m not an app developer at all. After buying your ebook, now I know how to hire a developer and how to get your app ready to launch in less than a week? I’m already making more than $4K a month passive.
Tom Wertz

Thanks a lot for this advice and resources mentioned in this ebook. I never knew how easy it was to make money from iPhone apps. I always thought I had to be a software developer to do so. But after reading your ebook, I now know how and where to hire developers who would make your apps for just a few hundred dollars and you’ll be in the game. Thanks a lot man!
Boise, Idaho

It has always been my dream to earn a passive income and our ebook has helped me make m dream come true. I now sell iPhone apps over the internet and am making $5000 a month easily. I know where to hire developers, where to market your apps etc. Thanks for this amazing ebook.
Thomas Rendle

Hi Mr.Cooper
Selling iPhone apps has always been intriguing to me as I’ve seen many people making tens of thousands of dollars selling those simple applications for iPhone. I’m also now of those man people in this business an am quite successful yet. After acting upon your advice, I’ve launched three apps and they’re making me more than $5K a month consistently.
Frank Sands

I’m surprised why you’re selling this valuable ebook for just a few bucks? It is the best ebook I’ve ever read to make money through the iphone apps. I’ve hired two developers now and they’ve developed 4 apps already and more are in the pipeline yet. Thanks for this amazing piece of advice.
Karen Simpson

As you can see there are many happy customers that had no idea how to make an Iphone app but are now making $1,000’s a month.

Normally this book sells for $29.99 but through this website you can own this ebook for only $10.00.

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